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Swift Lovebird

Tax included

It's like red but not quite.



In-game delivery within 24 hours


Delivery via the in-game mailbox


Cash on delivery fee is 5 silver

It's like red but not quite.

General delivery information

This mount is account-wide and can be used with all your World of Warcraft characters in your account. The Delivery will only be made a realm of our choice! To learn the mount, you will have to create a character in the class trial section or a death knight on our realm. The mount will be available for all of your World of Warcraft characters (note level requirements).

Legal notice

We offer a service here that relates to the procurement of virtual items and shipping in World of Warcraft (Battle for Azeroth). We expressly point out that the mentioned items, illustrations, etc. do not really exist! We do not claim the virtual ownership of the items traded here. All descriptions are made up with phantasy and should be regarded as fiction. We accept no liability for violations of the World of Warcraft terms of use (including Article III, paragraph 5). Furthermore, we are not liable for the loss of in-game mail, provided that we can provide you with proof of the correct delivery by screenshots of your character. All World of Warcraft items, currencies, characters, etc. remain the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment. All information has been given to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Detailed description

World event
Love is in the air