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  • Buy WoW Battlepets: Argentum Tournament - World of Warcraft Pets

Argent Tournament (Alliance & Horde)

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The Argent Crusade looked for a cozy place to build a Coliseum from Sindragosas fall in the ice crown. In addition to all construction work, the large Argentine tournament takes place. Heroes of the Alliance and the Horde can offer lance duels on mounts and their reputation gives different factions differentiate in order to receive exciting battle pets with the tasks over several weeks.


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Cash on delivery fee is 5 silver

As a service we will send all pets to your World of Wacraft character on an official EU realm, which you saved in your customer store account. To receive the in-game mail with the pet, you will need 5 silver, because it is a C.O.D. mail. We would like to ask you to withdraw the in-game mail with the pet from the in-game mailbox within 72 hours after dispatch so that it can be avoided that your order is returned to us. You can change the stored delivery address of your World of Warcraft character, the realm and the faction at any time in your customer account.

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