Fast delivery and uncomplicated ordering process

In-game shipping within a very short time.


In four easy steps to your World of Warcraft pet:

1. Select a Service and add to WarenkorbShopping Cart.
2. With one click on "Checkout" in the WarenkorbShopping Card you can place an order as a guest or as a registered customer. Your WoW-Delivery Address1 for battle pets can be deposit directly during the order. 
3. Select a Payment Service Provider, e.g. PayPal or Bankwire.
4. The In-game-Shipping2 will shortly be made to the World of Wacraft character stored in the customer account.

Frequently asked questions

Question: „How long does the delivery take?“

Answer: Approximately 95% of orders are shipped within 60 minutes of receipt of payment. If your order was not processed within the specified time (see description), you will receive a battle pet selected by us on your order free of charge!

Question: „How and when can you be contacted the fastest?“

Answer: You can usually reach us between 9 a.m. and midnight via the Live Chat (bottom right) or the contact form. We strive to answer inquiries as usual within a few minutes.

Question: „Do you delivery to World of Warcraft Classic-Realms?“

Answer: We currently only offer our services on official World of Warcraft (Battle for Azeroth) EU realms. In the future, however, we would like to expand our range so that we can also offer corresponding services for classic realms.

Question: „How do I get my mount?“

Answer: Nach dem Kauf teilen wir den entsprechenden Realm mit, auf dem die Lieferung erfolgt. Wir bitten zeitgleich um die Mitteilung eines Charakternamens für die Lieferung. Die Lieferung erfolgt nur auf einen Realm unserer Wahl. Falls ihr noch keinen Charakter auf dem genannten Realm besitzt, könnt ihr euch einen über die Charakter-Klassenprobe während der Charaktererstellung anfertigen und anschließend mit diesem das Reittier erlernen. Ihr könnt einen kostenlosen Klassenprobe-Charakter (Stufe 110) startet, für drei Stunden ausprobieren oder bis ein Questgebiet auf der Späherkarte gewählt wird. Benutzt daher bitte den Ruhestein im Inventar, nachdem ihr den Klassenprobe-Charakter erstellt habt, um die Ingame-Post in der entsprechenden Hauptstadt eurer Fraktion zu entnehmen. Es ist möglich, auszuloggen und später mit der verbleibenden Zeit weiterzumachen. Sobald eine Klassenprobe durchgespielt oder beendet wurde, wird der Klassenprobe-Charakter gesperrt. Nach dem Erlernen des Reittiers steht euch dieses dann accountweit für alle eure Charaktere auf eurem Account zur Verfügung

After the purchase, we will notify the relevant realm on which the delivery is made. At the same time we ask for a character name for the delivery. The delivery takes place only on a realm of our choice. If you do not yet have a character on the realm mentioned, you can create one using the character class trial during character creation and then learn the mount with it. You can start a free class trial character (level 110), try it for three hours, or until a quest area is selected on the scout map. Therefore, please use the Hearthstone in the inventory after you have created the class rehearsal character to extract the in-game post in the corresponding capital of your faction. It is possible to log out and continue later with the remaining time. As soon as a class rehearsal has been completed or completed, the class rehearsal character is blocked. After you have learned the mount, it will be available to all of your characters on your account throughout the account..

You have further questions, suggestions or even suggestions for improvement? Contact us.


1 You can edit the stored delivery address of your World of Warcraft character, the realm and the faction at any time in the customer account.

2 To accept the in-game cash on delivery, you need 5 silver silver. We would like to ask you to withdraw the in-game mail from the in-game mailbox within 72 hours of dispatch, so that it can be avoided that the order is returned to us.

Legal Notice

We offer a service here that relates to the procurement of virtual items and shipping in World of Warcraft (Battle for Azeroth). We expressly point out that the objects, illustrations, etc. mentioned do not really exist! We do not claim the virtual ownership of the items traded here. All descriptions are made up and should be regarded as fiction. We accept no liability for violations of the World of Warcraft terms of use (including Article III, paragraph 5). Furthermore, we are not liable for the loss of in-game mail, provided that we can provide you with proof of the correct delivery by screenshots of your character. All World of Warcraft items, currencies, characters, etc. remain the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment. All information has been given to the best of our knowledge and belief.