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Question: „How long does the delivery take?“

Answer: Approximately 95% of orders are shipped within 1-6 hours of receipt of payment. If your order was not processed within the specified time (see description), you will receive a battle pet selected by us on your order free of charge!

Question: „How and when can you be contacted the fastest?“

Answer: You can usually reach us between 9 a.m. and midnight via the contact form. We strive to answer inquiries as usual within a few minutes.

Question: „Do you delivery to World of Warcraft Classic-Realms?“

Answer: We currently only offer our services on official World of Warcraft (Battle for Azeroth) EU realms. In the future, however, we would like to expand our range so that we can also offer corresponding services for classic realms.

Question: „How do I get my mount?“

Answer: After the purchase, we will notify you about the relevant realm on which the delivery will be made. At the same time we ask for a character name. The delivery will only made on a realm of our choice. If you do not yet have a character on the realm mentioned, you can create one using the character class trial during character creation and learn the mount with it. You can start a free class trial character (level 48), try it for three hours. Therefore, please use the Hearthstone in the inventory after you have created the class rehearsal character to extract the in-game post in the corresponding capital of your faction. It is possible to log out and continue later with the remaining time. As soon as a class rehearsal has been completed or completed, the class rehearsal character is blocked. After you have learned the mount, it will be available to all of your characters on your account throughout the account..

You have further questions, suggestions or even suggestions for improvement? Contact us... of course we will be grateful :-).